About Us

Tacar was founded by researchers each with over 16 years’ experience. Tacar is an organization founded purposely to meet the fast-changing needs of research clients in the world.  The organization is led by professionals across several countries around the world. Tacar retains a pool of consultants in many sectors including Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health, Population, Housing, Energy, Transport, Environment and Governance. At Tacar we work with some of the best agricultural economists, medical doctors, population experts, educationists, academics, epidemiologist, business analysts, engineers, architects, and publishers in the world. Tacar is committed to quality and innovation, and we believe in continuous improvement through benchmarking, partnership, and certification. At Tacar we have capacity to undertake survey research by deploying cutting edge technology to give you faster turnaround times.

Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are and what Tacar stands for. Our latent passion makes us better and different. Our organization is social, entrepreneurial and committed to innovation and hard work. Our solutions are bespoke and client centric. Before we embark on a project we commit to understand the partner and the problem before Tacar recommends a solution.

What you see is what you get

We are innovative and forever searching for better and affordable ways to deliver greater results to our clients.

We respect our partners, our clients, your time, our staff and all our stakeholders. We will strive to earn your respect

We love what we do, we care about humanity, and we dream of a better tomorrow. We must pass sustainable world to our progeny post Covid. That is our aspirational legacy.